SEED 1dayPure EDOF

The First Ever Japan-made Extended EDOF Contact Lens

SEED 1dayPure EDOF is a daily disposable soft contact lens for presbyopia which is entirely made in Japan. Working jointly with Brien Holden Vision Institute, a world-renowned research institution, Extended Depth-Of-Focus(EDOF) technology is adopted, providing good vision at all distances, while minimizing ghosting and haloes.

Good Vision at All Visual Distances

Extended depth of focus (EDOF) allows lens users to perceive images to be continuously in focus over a wide range of visual distances, from near to far.

Single vision lens

A single vision lens has a single focal point for optimal focus. Lens users also perceive images to be in focus around this focal point (depth of focus).

Bifocal lens

A bifocal lens has two focal points for optimal focus. Lens users perceive focused images at each focal point and within their depths of focus, while images at intermediate distances are perceived as out of focus.

With a design based on the EDOF theory, the SEED 1dayPure EDOF contact lens provides good perceived image quality at all distances throughout the range of depth of focus

Stable Visual Performance in Every Condition

SEED 1dayPure EDOF lens is characterised by a combination of multiple higher order aberrations tuned to optimise retinal image quality over a wide range of viewing distances, pupil sizes and decentrations.

Users can expect stable visual performance under various conditions.

Simulated images of visual performance of SEED 1dayPure EDOF

Extended depth-of-focus provides stable visual performance over a wide range of visual distances, from near to far.

Three Lens Designs for Three Different Depth-of-Focus Ranges

To meet patient’s extensive needs, we provide three lens designs for three different depth-of-focus ranges. Each lens design features extended depth of focus and provides the power distribution needed to minimize perceived image quality deterioration
While a lens of the high depth-of-focus type offers the widest range of depth of focus, perceived image quality is best with the low depth-of-focus type.

Product Line

Lens Physicality

Product Name
SEED 1dayPure EDOF
Brand Name
SEED 1dayPure EDOF
ModalityDaily disposable
FDA Group
Group Ⅳ
Lens Material
2-HEMA, negative monomer, positive monomer, MMA, EGDMA
Coloring Agent
Phthalocyanine pigment
Handling Tint
UV Absorber
Oxygen Permeability (Dk)
30.0×10-11(cm2/sec)・(mLO2(/ mL×mmHg))

Oxygen Transmittance (Dk/L)
42.9×10(-9 cm/sec)・(mLO2(/ mL×mmHg)) (-3.00D)
Refraction Index1.406
Luminous Transmittance98%
Water Content58%
Manufacturing MethodCast mold method

Lens Specifications

Base Curve
Power+5.00D~-8.00D (0.25 step)
-8.50D~-12.00D (0.50 step)
Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF)
Low Depth of Focus
Middle Depth of Focus
High Depth of Focus
Center Thickness0.07mm(-3.00D)
Lens MarkLow: "EL"
Middle: "EM"
High: "EH"
Package32 lenses in one box